Childhood – No Regret

Everybody remembers their childhood, even though it was at a very young age and it is known that normally people do not remember things which happened to them when they were too young. There are those blur images in everybody’s mind related to their childhood, let it be favorite toy, their bicycle, doll, playgrounds or some scenes at random which usually flash in their mind at some situations. The childhood is the most beautiful phase of a person’s life which cannot be differentiated as good or bad because at any case it is good.

When you were young you always wanted to be a grown up and when you are a grown up all you want to do is to be young again and that makes you miss your past days instead of enjoying them. Missing something that you cannot hold for life is defined as ‘regret’. In order to enjoy present one must be free from regret. The best thing you have left behind even after knowing that it was the best, is your childhood as you knew that you cannot hold it forever. Similarly there are many things in life that one needs to let go as such regret would not let you leave it mentally.

It seems obvious that moving forward without regrets is quiet tough but if still you go with it then instead of moving forward one might get stuck there. It is tough to leave a job, person, even some of your favorite things behind and move forward but there are some demands of your age or maturity that requires such sacrifices from you. Those who get sentimental about leaving get stuck and they suffer a lot before moving out of it which they have to learn to do eventually.

The best thing would be to move forward and at a later stage try to recollect all your old memories which gave you happiness or even sadness at some point. Reliving those memories would make you realize a gap between that person and this present person which would ultimately lead you to believe that if you would have carried your regret about leaving it then you would not have enjoyed reliving it. This would make you believe in yourself and make more such memories by living in the present without regret.


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