Closed gates – An Inspiration

She was sitting on a bench at a sea shore and her gaze was focused on the thin line where the sea and sky met. She thought that how this never ending sea and sky actually meet in an abstract way. This was the most impossible thing in the world but it was actually made possible by mere illusion of our eyes. Is this what life is about to make the impossible things possible or is it about our vision or what people call it luck?

She tried to recall her childhood and wondered that whatever happened those 18 years ago was the driving force for her achievements or she was meant to be in this way. The answer to this question was never possible because past could not be undone and so the other what-if situation could not be experienced to get this answer.

Still, those old memories came rushing to her mind when she was passing through those same streets yesterday and she remembered the happy trips through the same street with her family. She observed the torn board, the closed gates covered by green wildlings, the rough black patches on the wall of the building and the lifeless area which was sprawled in many acres. When her father used to show them the open gates of the place, it was the complete opposite from now as it was also mixed with a combination of happiness and laughter coming from the place.

Later, she could feel the sadness in his voice when he showed the same place, years later with closed gates. This sadness indirectly pointed out that if these gates were open, their life, luxury, culture could have been different. They could have been able to fulfill their dream of touring every year, going to the places which were on their dream list and getting a private education.

Those closed gates motivated her and her family to work hard to achieve the target of luxurious life. They all including her did a good job of fulfilling their desire and are satisfied with what they have achieved. This forced her to think that if the what-if situation was true, then would she have been able to reach this level? If she got all she wanted in her childhood she might not have worked hard to achieve something that she already have. Maybe, she would have turned out to be a less active person and could have settled for same or less as she would not have learned to work hard.

Yes, she still felt her father’s sadness while looking at that place and she still imagined the glorious and wealthy childhood that would have followed but ultimately what matters is how you plan and live your future. This future is the result of the helplessness of her childhood. The motivation from the closed gates inspired her to work hard in the direction her goals which were already set at a high place and this eventually made way for her achievements. She was happy in the present situation but gazing at that horizon always makes you think about the same illusions of your life.


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