Dreams and Capabilities – Tried and Tested

She stood there staring at the enormity of the colossal place which mesmerized her to the extent that she could not believe her eyes. She had imagined this place many times during her study period but she had not imagined that this would be the place where she could fulfill all her dreams. Whenever you study and read a subject or book, the level of your understanding depends on your capability to imagine the written words. The more you can imagine the more you can understand.

She had gone through this phase of imagining and understanding but still to imagine something that is completely out of your context is quit tough. Moreover, everybody around her made her believe that the place of work which she had imagined is quiet dangerous, especially for ‘girls’ and she had no other choice but to go on with that conjecture and dream a different kind of work which was easy for her according to them.

She gave a brief thought to the consequences also, but that typically involved some blabbering from the people who defined the work as dangerous and yes, she agreed it was dangerous but not of a level that she could not reach. Besides, being a person who loves challenges, she could not resist the urge to try some work that was out of her comfort zone.

Not trying even if you get an opportunity, did not define her and so she accepted the opportunity albeit the thousands of opposing voices screaming in her head. She took this risk just to prove to herself and others that there was no harm in trying difficult things. Trying and failing or trying and succeeding were two different sides of coins which she still had to explore.

At initial stage, it was very tough for her but she was mentally prepared for it. The time and courage that the challenge demanded was way out of her league but she stood there sturdily and adamantly. Give some time and things will get settled was the only motto she followed initially and that gave way to better understanding and patience. While going through the difficult time she had only one thing on her mind and that was to try to touch the moon. Chances of failure were high but that did not ignore the chances to succeed.

Finally, the turmoil in her mind about failure and success ended after some time. Yes, she was successful in the tasks which were defined dangerous and that she was able to achieve it by having some patience, giving time, being adamant and strong and ignoring some of the basic facts that the people around her claimed to have known out of the blue. She could not imagine the happiness that she felt after accomplishing the thing that she had just dreamed. She was not able to believe the amount of hard work she did to accomplish it as she had not been able to imagine the extent of her capabilities because she had settled for very less very soon. Had she not tried, she would not have succeeded and would never have tested her capabilities.

Standing there mesmerized she had not imagined all these things to happen to her that she thought could happen only in dreams.


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