Dreamy Mornings

The chirping of birds jerked her awake from her sleep and after rummaging through the covers she was able to locate her mobile which showed that it was just 6 am on a Sunday morning and no way was she going to wake up this early on her only weekly holiday. Still, she was contemplating the reason for waking up with a jolt from such small voices. She was wondering about the dream that she had before she woke up or rather those small noises which somehow felt gigantic screaming voices in her dream.

She started with her usual habit of organizing her daily routine in her head, by preparing a mental list of things that she thought were important enough to be completed today itself. The list in her head was long enough to occupy her day and she had to leave her bed this early in order to fulfill the targets that she had set for herself.

She decided to climb up the stairs to the terrace in order to have a look at the plant that she had started nurturing just yesterday. The light outside was a bit dim as the sun was due to follow its own daily routine. The air up in the terrace was mist because of the early morning dew which also gave a watery layer to the stairs as well as to the leaves of her plant.

The sky was blue with a pinch of yellow shaded here and there, which allowed it to be picturesque when flock of birds pierced through those colours. She observed the variation in colours for some time and started wondering about her dream. Along with the dream everything came up in her mind all at once, the list that she had made for the day, the screaming voices in her dream which were her own panic screams that came out because of the nearness of the deadline on her work.

She was very specific about her deadlines, even though she herself has set those in order to stay organised and to complete her work before time. She liked to work that way, ahead of time and finishing off in advance which made her feel like an achiever and maybe sometimes as an over achiever. Now after seeing this morning sky and the birds, she thought that like her the sun has to rise everyday because it is his only duty, birds has to fly everyday in order to search for food but none of the two were looking to be any hurry to start their day and were merely enjoying the colours and freshness of the morning.

She recalled her love for the mornings when she was younger, she did have her daily routine and studies to deal with at that time but still she used to squeeze out time for mornings which made her day less stressful than these present days. She craved for those days with lower level of stress and maybe she can make that happen today itself by making it a bit easy for herself, after all there are limited number of mornings left in everybody’s account for one lifetime and she intend to utilize all of those. She looked at her plant whose leaves were now waving at her due to the misty breeze then at the colourful sky with the birds that made her smile and she made her decision that would lead to a long waiting period for her list and also would hopefully bring those screaming dreams to a stop.


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