Fury – Not a Remedy

They started fighting viciously, just like that standing at the garden gates. They were shouting at each other furiously along with blocking the way for other people as they were standing right in middle of the exit gates. They calmed down a bit as the people around them started excusing themselves out amidst the two of them. They did move aside and tried to cool themselves by separating their ways.

Later in the evening siting on her chair in a relaxed positon, she started wallowing that part of their conversation which made her mad. At one minute they were talking and holding hands and at the other minute she was screaming on him. Not only was she furious but also she was tempted to walk out of his life and never to look at him again. But that would not solve her problems and the things that broke them apart would every time keep swirling in her mind.

He told her to think about it when she was alone and her mind was peaceful. Peaceful? As if she was a person who always liked to be agitated? But then again he thought that what he said was always veracious, like when he said he does not like to be followed. According to her, asking about your whereabouts and caring about you does not come into the category of following. But that simple thing was very hard for him to understand. Even if her mind was in a peaceful state right now she did not think that his assumptions were accurate.

Tired of thinking and making sense of some of the sentences he said she started to stare out of the window and saw a two wheeler passing by. The little girl on the two-wheeler caught her attention as she saw her sleeping happily on her mother’s shoulder as the vehicle moving. The smile and the innocence on the girl’s sleeping face did not show any worry of falling down, as she knew she was in her mother’s arms. Though she was just a toddler but the thought of safety occupies almost every small and big minds. Nobody can survive without thinking about their safety but still the little girl slept peacefully.

She stood up from her chair swiftly as the link between these situations struck her, the sleeping girl, her innocent face, her worried mother, his assumptions and her questions about his whereabouts. It all came rushing to her mind as if she was lost in a dark forest and suddenly had found a way. She started thinking about the things that she did unknowingly which led towards jeopardizing her relationship. She was able to understand the meaning of his words now that she had enough time to think over it and when she understood that she went to the same garden to meet him again.


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