Hurdles with Peace

The people these days are so much obsessed with technology that they breathe through these technologies. It would include everything from computers, laptops to smart phones, even headphones. Earlier when there were no smart phones people used to make conversations with the people sitting beside them during their journeys but now smart phones are used as a best excuse to avoid talking to people.

Let us forget about talking to other people and think about talking to ourselves. Yes, we do talk to ourselves when we need to make decisions, calm down ourselves or think about some particular topic. But have you ever given your mind a space where it can hurdle through a long way in peace? Hurdles with peace is a rare combination but I have observed that mind needs that or rather our body also needs it.

Technology has affected everybody in its own way and even I am trapped in its perturbed wave. I realized short after I started working out. Normally, I would go for a walk or a run with my smart phone and my earphones on but when you go to the gym for the first time, you have no clue of the type of workout you are going to do. So it is always better to not take your smart phone along with you, as such you have no clue about the safety of your phone either. So it started this way, first day at gym – a trainer was allotted and he asked me to do warm up on treadmill for 15 minutes. I thought yes that I can do as such I used to walk for an hour earlier. But the thing here I missed was I used to walk with earphones on and not without them.

As I started my walk on the treadmill and after what felt like hours I glanced at the timer and saw that it has just been a minute. A minute felt like so long because I had no idea what to do with myself while I walked. Earlier I listened to music or read something when I sat waiting for somebody. This was the first time that I had to spend 15 minutes but without my smart phone.

I was so shocked at this revelation that I could not occupy time with myself without my phone. My mind was racing in my head giving me ideas about what shall I do to pass these 15 minutes. It gave me ideas to stare at the windows or balconies which were in my view, what I have to do at work, what I will do after work or after one day or two day and so on and so forth. Those were the longest 15 minutes of my life. That day I decided that no matter how bored I get but I will find a way to spend time with myself or my mind.

I started with baby steps by trying to meditate. Not exactly meditate but to let my mind focus on usual things like breathing or my steps or counting steps while I worked out and eventually I reached a point where when I looked at the timer, 5 minutes would have passed. Now, I found out that while working out I am in a state called BLISS. I used to wonder how some people go for a run to calm themselves down, but after achieving BLISS, I thought that it is possible.

While working out I let my mind wander and think about beautiful things. Firstly, beautiful things related to myself. We all have a physical capacity and my mind thinks about some beautiful things or focuses on counting during that time and after that I use my mind to motivate myself so as to reach a point above my capacity, beyond my comfort zone. After relaxing when I think back on that time, I only remember some glimpses of myself which shows that I had reached that state where everything is marvelous, palatable, and pleasant as if I can do anything, achieve anything and that makes me call that location BLISS.

Maybe this is my idea of hurdles with peace.


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