Racism – Gift from Unknown

Racism is a common problem in India, even the educated category believes in it and says proudly that they are Brahmins and they think that these casts that they claim to belong to are because of their ancestors. But is it really true that everything they have got, heard or believed has been gifted by their ancestors?

Peeking into the famous Indian mythologies Ramayana and Mahabharata revitalized the fact that there were no cast discriminations in the Era of Ram and Krishna, as Ravana himself was a Brahmin but was still labelled as Rakshsa. Also, the Myths described by our ancestors were very rich in agriculture, art and Sanskrit. The ancestors never focused on castes then who could be the possible parents of this orphan named Racism that has been raised in India?

The answer to this was very simple but difficult to acknowledge as people were busy believing in it rather than investigating its depth. Indian people have been largely influenced by British as they had ruled the country for about a century. British were famous for their titles King, Lord, Duke, Marquees, Earl, Baron, Viscount, Prince etc. which were used by some rich people in the country and those without titles were either in their army or slaves. These titles were awarded on richness, caste or patriarchy. Whereas in India no such cast titles were given apart from King as such they used to run the nation and Indian patriarchy insisted on proper flow of their knowledge and art to next generation.

Similarity between today’s Indian thinking and British thinking could be easily depicted instead of the Indian thinking portrayed in the very famous mythologies. British history states the existence of a long line of children in order to get heir to their name similar to some Indians in 20th century which shows the use of females as a production system. British used to show respect to the upper class people by prefixing their titles while in India some suffixes are still used. Moreover the thinking, government, political tactics that are seen in the people today were actually used by British in the past. While in mythologies they had respected the females without using any annoying suffixes, also they did not question their King and the King never played dirty politics.

The British influence on Indian society can be easily visualized and still the present educated generation think that whatever they have without earning in terms of name, fame and popularity is because of their great-great ancestors. Either the generation has gotten so engrossed in their life that they did not make any effort to visualize the similarities or the education that they have received had not taught them to accept the truth.

All these facts throws some light on the other problems that are faced by our country such as the Kashmir quest – whether it belongs to India or Pakistan, disrespecting farmers, un-employment, corruption, poverty, believing in different Gods rather idols, not able to choose a proper government and the most chanted sentence like a mantra “India would never come up as nothing good can ever happen here”. Could these things also have same parents as Racism?


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