Writing inspiration – My Love

Sitting in one corner of a cabin with a bit of work and a lot of free time made me think of actually putting a writing option in action. The question that was hanging was how to write and when to write. But again, the main thing that makes all the writers wonder is that on what topic to write. So I thought let me start with my writing inspiration.

I had been reading a lot since I was in college, the basic reading involved all that cheesy romantic novels. I used to read them for hours irrespective of day or night. Eventually, I started to notice something else in those novels apart from the regular love story. I discovered that apart from love many things such as main character’s occupation, inspiration, other background people and things like that also mattered not only in novel but in our real life also.

Once I was thorough with the pattern of the novel I decided to search for some other topics to read. The only problem was it was hard for me to accept other things and so I ended up with same things. But this time I used to link those things with the love of my life and ultimately to my own love story. I really liked the novel ideas of hero and heroine spending time together, cooking, eating meals and meeting each other at office, discussing their issue by finding depth in their each and every word. This also helped me to improve some points in my relationship. Observing these things the person I love asked me to write our love story but again I thought that to write a story you need to have something happening in your life to talk about.

With this I left the idea of my love story and started content writing to get some practice to align my thoughts. Not only the content writing topics were boring but also they made me work as a robot. The only benefit I got from there was that I understood the flow of the story. Again, the same nagging started from my men to erg me to write what I like. Still, the lack of confidence in me led me to think and keep on reading.

You know that feeling that when you really like to do something but you are so much afraid about your failure that you can’t afford to even give it a try. I had that feeling for writing, not that I want to be a famous writer but because what if I would not be able to do justice to the things that I think and write. It is very important to write your thoughts because your thoughts had inspired you to start writing. If I could not explain those thoughts then it won’t be any good to write.

My love took over my dilemma by explaining the meaning of facing your own fears. He taught me to have confidence in myself, though I was not able to pull together the amount of confidence that he showed in me. He told me the most remarkable thing, that if I try and fail then either I would know that I have to learn and work hard or I could give it up as I would know that this thing is not meant for me and so I can move forward. Not trying would make me stuck there without knowing the consequences of trying.

So finally I decided to give it a try and I took a step forward by starting this blog. Thus, the true inspiration for me to write was not the novels and the books I read but the love of my life and this post is all dedicated to him.


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