Turtles All The Way Down By John Green

The story flows like water in river without any resistance in the beginning. The characters are beautiful and I felt a bit sorry for Aza because she undergoes through many things. There are some places where there is a dent in the story which one cannot find out untill the author points out in the story. And actually I did not like that point in the story, one should be able to figure it out while reading it.

The flow of the story was smooth but hindered when about last 10 pages were left. I think the author wanted to throw a twist there but it went out as something not expected and unwanted. I seriously did not enjoy the end and also could not relate it with the rest of the sweet story. I felt like it was not needed, the story could have ended as the reader expects it to instead of ending it with that twist. Well, the end stole 1 star from my review.


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