Anna And The French Kiss By Stephanie Perkins

I think that this book is for those people who are afraid of falling in love, who think that love is waste of time because they have never experienced it and also, they might have seen some overrated couples. Definition of love is never known to anybody or is not taught as well, so normally people believe it to be something that they observe in the couples surrounding them and the fact is that those couples might not know it but are trying to understand it. Still, some weird couples give a bad idea about love which make others feel allergic to love.

The story is just wowww and beautiful even for those allergic people. The author describes love so beautifully that those bad assumptions about love are dissolved and one is forced to look around and observe each and every small part of nature, which will point them in the direction of falling in love with everything.

Coming to the story, it did feel that it was a bit stretched but that did not make it boring. Surprised right? In fact, it made me want to read further and know the actual depth of the characters involved. The journey of the characters of becoming strong, fearless, building trust and falling in love is worth reading along with implementing some of those things in daily life.


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