Attachments By Rainbow Rowell

There are a huge number of people who believe in love at first sight. There are many incidents and literature that support this concept as well though there are minor possibilities that a person can fall in love with the thoughts of the other person first and then fall for looks. Minor but possible possibilities and that is well supported by this story. The male main character (MC) falls in love with the female main character through her thoughts and not her looks. Later part of the story says that she was not that beautiful for other people but as the saying goes love is blind, the male MC found her beautiful because of her thoughts. It is very important to like a person’s thoughts as that is the thing that lasts and binds two people together.
The only problem with the story was it’s slow pace. There were some points in the story which showed that its high time for the characters to meet but the author pushed it far and because of that maybe the end did not reach upto the mark. The drama in the middle of the story which helped in stretching the non-meeting of the characters part could have been more interesting if it was placed at the end instead. Still it is a good read.


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