Jane Doe

“A person wants to read non-fiction instead of fiction because they don’t want to immerse themselves in someone else’s world. It gives the author too much power and makes them feel small” – Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

In a way it is true, we do read fiction to go into someone else’s bubble and this is also helpful in some ways as we might start thinking about their problems and realize that our problem is a drizzle compared to a downfall. There is no shame in accepting that our way out of our problems is by getting into someone else’s world. It’s like meditation. Meditation gives you peace of mind by stopping all your thoughts and making you focus on one thing. Likewise reading also stops all your thoughts and makes you focus on only one thing, the story. Well, in any way it does not give power to the author but it gives the power to the mind to focus on one thing. In fact, it is a tough job for an author to make people realize this power of their mind.


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