The Kiss Quotient By Helen Hoang

Autism. I had never heard about this before but after seeing the symptoms on MC Stella, I felt sad for her because she cannot do anything to fight against it. She was not acceptable easily by anybody because of Autism. The good thing to learn from her was to fight with yourself to resolve your issues and try to live peacefully with it. Also, she was confident enough to show her smartness wherever needed and help others despite of that. The MC Michael was totally opposite to her. He was confidence deprived even though he was smart and good at his work.

Both the characters had their own flaws and were fighting with their life to resolve it and I guess they were compatible with each other because their flaws acted as strength for each other. The story teaches you to trust your partner, accept their flaws and have enough confidence in yourself that these things could be enough for a relationship to survive and for personal growth as well.


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