Fight Or Flight by Samantha Young

People are many times stuck in their past, it is not their fault but somehow they relate themselves with their past behavior. It is very important to make them realize that it was not their mistake and if it was then they have changed now and they should move forward but again how to make them understand that? Leave others, what if it is you, what if you are stuck in past and guilty about something that was not your fault, how will you figure it out and once you do then would you do justification with yourself?

The story focuses very well on the above aspect and it is about two friends Ava and Harper, who stick around each other, without worrying about the consequences of the horrifying truth from their haunting pasts which would claim their present. The story very well teaches to be vulnerable to the people who are close to you in order to come out of some guilt which was definitely not yours to take.


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