The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

The universal question is addressed in the book and that is – “At what time, age or years of dating would you be ready for marriage?” The uncertainty arises because you always have doubts in your mind about the capability and validity of your love. Validity would be a very heavy word for love because it is used for things and not abstract feelings but then validity is the most people are concerned about as nobody wants to go through bad breakups and heartbreaks. 

Again marriage is a thing which cannot be avoided in a long term relationship but what if somebody proposes you in a short term relationship and you are so surprised you cannot find a way to tell the person no without hurting their feelings. Also, after saying no, would you be able to move forward in your normal life and love somebody enough to get married? The story revolves around this fundamental and it is a beautiful journey of the characters which may give some answers to these questions.


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