All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

The problem with people is they forget that most of the times it’s small things that count – Jennifer Niven

It is always tough to understand people, let it be our friends, spouse, parents, siblings etc. You can never understand them to the fullest and there be nothing that can avoid hurting them ever. No matter how measurably you say your words, it would hurt them at some point, of course the degree of hurt may vary. Similarly, there is another thing that eats a person from inside and that is ‘guilt’. It is mostly self-given i.e. nobody has pointed it but you will always assume guilt and if somebody points out then you should be well off without that person.

The story revolves around this hurt and guilt. Here thankfully the guilt is self-given and the hurt is self-created through assumptions that if they avoid or be rude with people then they would not focus on you. But as you cannot predict people, this assumption becomes baseless and ultimately opposite becomes true. Now, retrieving steps is not possible and that leads to negative thoughts which objects the person to more hurt accompanied by guilt.

The story shows two concepts – one character cannot handle this above stated hurt and guilt while the other character is brave enough to overcome those with the help of the other character. Surprising, yes, the one who cannot handle teaches the other to handle and is successful at some level. The only problem was they did not understand each other at the right point. Understanding the person later or early is not important but at the right point is very important is very well highlighted. In depth psychology of human mind is very well portrayed.


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