My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

Friendship or love? What would you choose? Friendship just happens, you don’t plan on making people your friends, it is just a thing that happens if your tuning sets in perfectly. Love is the total opposite, yes it does happen on its own just like friendship but then you don’t accept Love just as it comes as there are consequences which you might face in future. Now you could say that Love is for life so people need to think about it but friendship is also for life but again there are no expectations in friendship as your life does not depend on it.

This difference enunciates a major thought while you think that you are falling for your best friend. It is a really good thing that you will get your best friend as your life partner but what if doesn’t work out? Then you might lose the friendship as well. So the story covers all the possibilities of trying love life with your best friend. Despite of having all the points covered the only problem is it made the story a bit stretchy which stole away 1 star from me.


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