Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

Which part of your life would you like to redo? Ever given a thought to this question? It is not possible scientifically but then what is the harm in thinking. This was my first time-travel book. I am not a fan of fantasy but I think I accidently picked it up and also I liked it. I don’t know how the usual time-travel genre works but this was mind-blowing.

The story focuses majorly on thinking about what you want for yourself from life. Let it be career wise, friends, family, relationship etc. Everybody has their own set of visions for what they want and they call it dreams, some are too huge to be achieved but some are not even attempted under the pressure of some unknown fear. Here, the characters get a chance to redo a part of their life which they could have done better if they would have had some strength. They live this second chance to the fullest but I did not like the end of the book. I think the end was not possible practically. Still it was good to explore some other genre and gaining insights on new authors.


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