Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

There are many things that the woman has to do no matter how famous, successful and hard-working she is in her life. Even if you are an actress, writer, celebrity, or any other professional, you have to deal with the daily household workload. That includes many things starting from the daily chores to raising the kids and tackling the in-laws and being socially active. ⠀

So, a working woman that too a celebrity would have many things on her plate and it would be tough for her to manage her house also. However, she has to and the actress Twinkle Khanna herself describes the struggles of her daily life. She is an actress, wife to a famous actor, founder of a design company, writer and she can have as many maids as she wants but she suffers from the same daily problems that any regular woman suffers. ⠀

The actress has been trolled for her this book on social media but I do not find anything that does not relate to me in the book. It highlights the hardships of every woman and the courage with which each woman handles herself and survives happily throughout her life.


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