Slogan – Tagline Of Every Person

‘I don’t have time for this nonsense,’ she said while taking a bite of her toast at the breakfast table. She finished eating, packed her lunch, and left for office. Driving for 30 mins to reach the office was too much for her. She cannot utilize that time to do anything except for driving because it requires concentration. Well, she can think, and she usually prepares a list of topics on which she can think while driving. However, many times, her thoughts would remain in her head and would never come out on paper. Her time was everything for her, and it was so precious that she wanted to utilize every minute of her life.

She reached her desk, booted her PC, and waited for her phone to load all the messages after turning on the wifi. While both the gadgets performed their task, she decided to clean her table, instead of waiting. Again, a waste of time, she hoped that somebody would clean her table and booted her PC before she came. In this way, she can save her time, but what about the time of the other people? Will they think that they are wasting that time because of her? She has the same 24 hours as others, but somehow she felt that she has even lesser time than others. 

Suddenly, she remembered the morning fight with her mother. She was talking about going to some antique auction in the afternoon with her friends, whom she did not like. She suggested that if her mother did not want them, then she should not go with them. But then her mother started talking about passing her time because she does not have enough work to do. She knew that her mother did way more household chores than any other woman in the surroundings, and she still has so much time left. So, is it in her head? She feels that she has time, but she doesn’t.

Slogan - Tagline Of Every Person
Slogan – Tagline Of Every Person

With a jolt, she started remembering all the people who have different taglines in their life. Some have too much work, and some feel tired and sleepy all the time. Her boss is a workaholic who feels that tomorrow you may get new work and workload will increase, so you need to finish the work today itself. She remembered other people who always get bored, no matter how active they are in daily life. Some people think that they are prone to get sick and do often fall ill. Some believe that they are not good enough to work on some jobs because they think less of themselves?

She has always observed these taglines in all the people. She always wondered what made them think that, and now, she wonders that what makes her feel about herself. Eating, driving, and waiting for different things is a waste of time, then why are these things essential in a person’s life? Is it in her head? Is it playing with her so that she thinks she cannot accomplish something in her life because of time? Is it her way of blaming things on time instead of on herself or her poor planning? So, everybody with the tagline blames things on those taglines instead of themselves? Maybe every person has this default system, and they get used to it because everybody around them has one such slogan in their life.


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