The Flatshare

‘There is no saving of people – people can save themselves. The best you can do is help when they are ready’ – The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

We all have problems and we all reach out to our best friends or partners for the solution of the problem. However, deep down, we know the solution that we think is right. No matter how hard others try, we won’t be able to succumb to their ideas and thoughts.

This happens because human beings are greedy for sympathy and they try to seek it when they suffer from problems.

Being on the other side, we might feel that we know what is right for the person but they won’t listen to us. The best to do here would be to let them find their own path even if you know that they are going to suffer.

Everybody needs to decide for themselves, even if those are worst decisions. You can teach but cannot force them to agree.


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