The Shore House – Heidi Hostetter

Communication Gap. Everybody has heard about this word but have they ever measured its depth? Sometimes the people are not prepared for the things that happen in their life. Sometimes they are too scared to admit that its an error from their side. Many times, people are scared to be vulnerable because they think that will lower their value. However, the key factor here would be communication. If the person communicated their feelings to their loved ones then their problems would be solved without any issue.

The Shore House is the vacation house that the family uses every summer but the hectic life offered the chance once again after some years. All the members have been busy in their life, fighting their own fights and surviving. However, there are some problems that they cannot solve by themselves and they will need help from others. The jumbled problems of all the members and different solutions make it a page-turner for me. A must-read for the summer.


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