The Girl He Used To Know – Tracey Garvis Graves

People are prone to judge the ones who like to remain silent. Being silent does not mean that they do not know anything but it would mean that they do not like to get involved in the conversation due to personal reasons. However, the same is not always the case and also, it gets worse when the other person finds it difficult to understand the emotions of the people. They are delicate and emotional but they are not able to understand things if not vocally specified for them.

Annika is one such character who does not understand the emotions of the people around her. In these cases, finding a life partner becomes tough because of expectations. Every person has expectations and if Annika does not understand it then how is she going to survive? She manages to find a boyfriend but at some point, she has to express her love for him and things get a bit dirty. A must-read for the people who are introverts.


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