Normal People – Sally Rooney

Abuse, depression and mental health problems have many phases and they are present in every person. Some people tend to identify it and some don’t while others adjust their life around it. There are chances that these people who adjust to such things, usually, tend to accept the fact that they are different. But are they really different? Maybe their upbringing was not up to the mark but then they need to understand that it is not normal.

Normal People revolves around the life of two such people, who think that their life is not normal and they are supposed to stay with maniacs. However, the story exaggerates the effects to a greater extent. If the person makes the same mistake more than two times then it becomes their fault. This situation is highlighted in the book. The condition is so worse that after about 50 % of the story, you will feel bored. The concept of the story is good but it does not do any justice to the story.

The book is highly NOT recommended for the people who are very sensitive. The story is prone to cause depression to the reader. 


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