Crushing It – Lorelei Parker

An ARC from Netgalley.

Female Vs. Male is an old fight which might never end but the people will eventually find their balance. However, if the female tries to enter the male territory then they would assume that this has happened because of her looks. The intelligence of the females has always been a question and when that ends up in a battle between opposite genders then the results would be competent with your time.

Nerds, geeks, video games. MMORPG looks like a new term but it is quite famous in the video game world. The gaming world is unknown but it is the creation of the imagination of the developers who are sometimes ignored as being geeks or nerds. Usually, the designation is given to males and when a female developer enters, then the story can create chaos. The story is beautifully displayed with the help of the nerdy game terms and the thirst for survival is very well visible.

It’s worth reading, even if you do not understand the game world.


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