The Diary Of My Love – Deesha Sangani

Mental health issues are given the desired focus in the recent age. People have started talking about their problems and it has become quite easy to find the perfect solution. However, there are people who will have to go through these things numerous times and they would need all the strength to overcome the problem.

The story of the book focuses on mental health. It highlights the struggle of the female MC that she has gone through in her life. The character has a habit of writing a diary and it is a good habit because it helps in easing the pain that the person feels. The story moves through the pages of the diary and describes the journey of the character. Not only the journey but also the ups and downs that she faces at every turn in her life.

I liked that the main focus of the author was on the term ‘relationships’. Many people are struggling with the problem of maintaining their relationships and if they cannot then breaking up is also tough for them. All these issues in the relationship often impart pressure on the mind which is tough to handle. So, it is important to acknowledge them and then try to solve them. This aspect of the book was very well portrayed. However, I think that it would be very helpful if the author had described the same depth for the other person also. The other POV is present but in limited amounts. A good and short book with easy language.


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