Love Yourself – Rakhi Kapoor

The book starts with a remarkable question of ‘Who is responsible for your happiness?’ The answer to the question is simple but if you answer that then there should not be a problem of you being devoid of love. The author herself has experienced some rock bottoms in life which turned out to be a lesson for her. She has suffered from numerous things and through her experiences she was able to define the eight things that are important for ‘self-love’.

The eight things are Sleep, selfish and sexuality, embrace yourself and care for the people around you, laugh your heart out to let go, fart or poop without caring about the world, lead your way instead of following others, own your failures and learn from them, have a vision and try to achieve it, express yourself and do what you like. These eight things are the most essential to achieve anything in life and also for enjoying life.

The author highlights the importance of life with some incidents and to-do-list that can attract the reader. If you are one of those people who are feeling low in their life then reading this book can help in solving any major problem in your life. 


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