Head Over Heels – Hannah Orenstein

Coping up with life becomes very tough when you are not able to achieve something for which you have worked your whole life. These times could be very tough as you would be standing in a mode where you do not have a plan B and also, you do not know anything about handling failures. Well, the person has to come out of such things and eventually, get on track with their lives, but ‘how’ remains a mystery to solve.

The story revolves around the theme of Gymnastics as the author herself has been a gymnast. The world of gymnastics is unknown to many of us and the book provides all the information about the struggles of a gymnast to get a chance in the Olympics. The story describes the daily life of a gymnast which include their never-ending practice hours and career choices. A mixer of sexual harassment and mental abuse along with rigorous training gives a daunting side to the story. The sport is short-lived but the practitioner has to give up their life to be there and when they fail, they get lost in misery. An informative and pager-turner book for sure.


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