Beach Read – Emily Henry

What are happy endings? Something that stays for eternity or something that stays for a while and makes you happy? Happy endings are designated to give you happiness and motivate you to achieve it at any cost. However, to believe in it, you will have to have faith in it along with some experience.

The books cover the story of an author who thinks that she is happy but her world gets shattered by some incidents that take place in her life. She thinks that she cannot move ahead in her life and write something about happy endings but when she meets him, her perspective for life changes. Both the characters are struggling with their own problems but at the same time, they are helping each other.

The attraction of the book is the language and the conversations between the characters. It is a perfect mix of sadness and happiness. It is a bit dark but then sometimes there are somethings that the reader needs to learn while reading. 


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