The Happy Ever After Playlist – Abby Jimenez 

Only time can heal grief is true to a greater extent. People often suffer from the tragic loss of their loved ones and no matter how hard they try they cannot come out of it. The best method is to take time as the healing tool and keep on moving ahead in life. Also, even if you have moved on and got ahead of life, there will be instances where happily ever after seems inevitable. 

Sloan is in the grief of the love of her life for the past two years. She believes that she has to hang on to it in order to save all the memories. However, time turns and she finds somebody who is suitable for her. She does not want to use the energy in going through the roller coaster of growing a new life but she can not live without him now. So, eventually, things set according to her but then happy ever afters are tough and so is her life. 

The book is a page-turner and Sloan has to undergo a lot to find stability in her life.


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