The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles

A friend recommended this movie and then I found out about the book. So, I had to read this before watching the movie.

QOTD – Watched this movie or read the book?

A relationship has a lot of ups and downs but then they are bound to happen because two people of different viewpoint decide to share their lives with each other. However, these people are unaware about the problems that they are going to face and that creates a havoc in their lives. They cannot stay without each other and also not with each other. Their main problem becomes their only solution. So, in such cases, it is better to sit back and relax and think about all the positive effects of staying in a relationship.

Well, being a crazy Rom-com fan, I wonder how I did not read the series ‘The Kissing Booth’ till today. The story is sheepishly romantic with two crazy and different characters. For a change, I liked the second part more than the first part. The first part of the series revolves around the friendship of Elle and Lee which needs to be modified because of someone special in their lives. When Elle gets attracted to Noah, Lee’s elder brother, the equation of their friendship changes completely.

The second book of the series is focused on long-distance relationships and love in general. I like the fact that the author highlighted the actual problems of a relationship in it. Mistrust, jealousy, lack of time and coping with everything at a time are the main issues of a relationship. All these are nicely highlighted in the story not only with the example of main characters but also with some side characters. The story takes many twists and turns but at the end love has to win.

A perfect teen drama with a lot of love, friendship, dances, anger, parties and of course, hangovers. Can’t wait to watch the movie.


7 thoughts on “The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles

  1. I neither watched the movie nor read the book… the title not at all sound impressive to me. This Rom-com concept is too common these days and I will prefer to give it a skip. But about your review writing style– a perfect 5 on 5


  2. Oh, I heard about this but haven’t read it yet. It does sound like a good one for rom-com fans. I haven’t watched the movie either but will probably check it out this summer.


  3. It happened a lot with me. There are some books which we read before it comes to the screen. And I finished it fast as soon as I can before I watch it. Books on love and romance I read before but this gonna be different after reading the review I understood that .☺️


  4. I still haven’t read this yet.. I usually read the book first and then watch the movie so that I don’t miss out on the original plot.. thank you


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