Intercepted – Alexa Martin

Being in a long term relationship demands a lot of work. The work is not only to sustain it but also to keep yourself rooted to the ground even when you are annoyed. However, even after all these efforts, what if the relationship breaks because of infidelity? What went wrong is the question that the person have to answer and maybe there is not answer for that question. Something just happens and the person has no control over it but yes, the future is still in your hands.

The story revolves around a woman who is fierce and a true romantic at heart. She has been dating her high school boyfriend who turns out to be a high-rated football player. The woman lead is a very strong character, who has to courage to leave a relationship when she finds out about the infidelity. She also has the strength to build her future on her own terms and falter the attitude of the rich football wives. The only thing she wants is to make her own decisions.

It’s important to have the freedom of making your own decision even when you are dependent on somebody. A motivational for sure.


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