How to plan Baby Shower?

The main purpose of a traditional baby shower is to introduce the baby with some traditions, rituals and sanskar from the womb itself. However, modern baby shower is different. It is not about the baby but about the mom-to-be.

Mom-to-be has gone through a lot in terms of medicines, injections, body changes, weight gain, food cravings, nausea and a million of advices from known and unknown people. Baby shower is the celebration for mom-to-be for having the guts to become a mother and go through all the sacrifices just to see the little one.

These parties are generally derived from western culture but their essence can be changed in a way that it resonates Indian tadka. So, if your best friend or sister are going to be a mother soon then this guide is the best for you to plan baby shower. As the party is new, there are many things that we don’t know and so, the guide here will help in planning the perfect party.

Just follow the steps below to plan a perfect baby shower for the beautiful Mom-to-be.

1. Mode of party

Thanks to Covid, these days, every party or any event requires two mode of operations – online and offline. So, you have to ask Mom-to-be about her party preference. Some mothers decide to avoid public places or getting in contact with many people. Moreover, some mothers are suffering from problem that restricts their movement and so, they would prefer online party. Otherwise, offline party would be the best!!

2. Guest List

The guest list will include major friends of Mom-to-be. However, girls are very open become friends with more people and for a party ‘more the merrier’ is always true. So, ask around if someone wants to bring their best friend or sister to their party then invite them.

3. Location & Time

Deciding a suitable time is important as everyone should be available at that time so that they can enjoy the party. Moreover, location has to be based on the requirements and comfort of mom-to-be.

Example – Hotel room, Mom-to-be’s house or any farm house.

4. Dress Code

Now, this is the most important aspect of the party. The general theme that everyone follows for the baby shower is choose the color code based on your gender guess. The ones who want boy will wear blue and who prefer girl will wear pink. However, if you want to have something that is common then go for either a particular color, like black or green, which is available with everyone. If you want to add more spice then have a same dress. Wearing same dress is definitely going to blow the mind of Mom-to-be.

Dress code for Baby Shower party.

PS – Ask what mom-to-be is wearing to avoid any similarity of color or pattern.

Some dress links that the girls had given as options.

Ordered dress –




5. Games

Well, this becomes the most fun aspect of the party. Baby shower games are something that is different from any other games and it includes participation from everyone. Even Dad-to-be can participate in this!! Well, we will discuss the games in detail in another blog.


6. Gifts

Mom-to-be and the baby has a long list of things that they require immediately after birth. Birth of both baby and mother. The long list will be discussed in detail in upcoming blogs.


7. Decorations

If you have a proper hotel room or a dedicated room to party then you can always hire decorators to decorate the room. However, the decorations and all is going to take place in the traditional baby shower and so, you can skip that. Let us go with mild and simple decorations. Have a banner of Baby Shower on a plain background, a Mom-To-Be stash for mom-to-be and some props. These things will work wonders for the happiness of mom-to-be.

Providing a link here for affordable props from Amazon that we got!!



8. Photos

Photos, videos and insta reels go hand-in-hand when there are girls in a room. There are many photo poses available on internet but you will have to select the best that suits your mom-to-be and the props. However, do search and save the best reels and photos for the party.

Sharing some examples overhere from our party!!

9. Refreshments

Refreshments can include everything junk – pizza, burger, cold drinks, chips and what not!! However, mom-to-be needs healthy food. So, either plan to order from a place that is everyone’s favourite or place an order in advance.

10. Gossip

Well, this is inevitable!! You don’t need to plan this, it will happen on its own. However, do plan to have some empty time, so that gossip can be conducted rigidly.

11. Dancing

Any party is incomplete without dancing. Let mom-to-be take some rest and other girls can swirl themselves in the music. Plan a playlist or list of songs in advance that are everyone’s favorite. If possible, if you have the resources then you can plan karaoke also!!

12. Return gifts

Don’t overburden Mom-to-be with return gifts!! Plan it in advance. There are many simple options available in the market such as a combination of jewelry or chocolates or perfume or any such things. Have a small package made in advance according to the budget and get it before the party. Will surely share more ideas on this!!

So, with these 12 points, you are ready for the party!!

Watch out this space on every Thursday for more content on Baby Shower – Game ideas, Gift ideas for both mother & baby, dress options, photo poses and return gift ideas.


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