Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

A stolen day. The kind of day that ends too fast but stays with you much longer. – Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

This is a type of feeling that every person has experienced in their life. The stolen day situation can be in a good or a bad way. However, it will leave a mark on your life forever.

QOTD: What was your stolen day?

Mine is a day when I finish a good book which I wanted to finish but did not want to finish at the same time. I hope I am making sense. 


The Hating Love

Books were, and always would be, something a little magic and something to respect. – Sally Thorne, The Hating Game.

People often ask me that how do I manage to take out time for reading.?

Well, I would say that for me its like breathing. Time cannot be a barrier when you want to do something that you love.

Just pick a book and get lost in the magic that the story creates and you will also not have to think about time for reading.

Sending more power to all the readers out there.

How To Hack A Heartbreak

There’s no deleting the things that you say out loud. – How To Break A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

There are many traits of human being that force them to say something that they would regret later. Some words might hurt others to a greater extent and in no way can you make them feel better.

Its tough to speak your mind when you do not time to speak. Speaking wisely is important but at the same time speaking in a way that would not hurt others is also imperative.

The Flatshare

‘There is no saving of people – people can save themselves. The best you can do is help when they are ready’ – The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

We all have problems and we all reach out to our best friends or partners for the solution of the problem. However, deep down, we know the solution that we think is right. No matter how hard others try, we won’t be able to succumb to their ideas and thoughts.

This happens because human beings are greedy for sympathy and they try to seek it when they suffer from problems.

Being on the other side, we might feel that we know what is right for the person but they won’t listen to us. The best to do here would be to let them find their own path even if you know that they are going to suffer.

Everybody needs to decide for themselves, even if those are worst decisions. You can teach but cannot force them to agree.

Normal People

“It’s time you’ll never get back, Marianne adds. I mean, the time is real.⠀
The money is also real.⠀
Well, but the time is more real. Time consists of physics, money is just a social construct.” – Normal People by Sally Rooney⠀

Time is a concept that many people rarely understand. There are some who would not know the actual meaning of it till its time for them to go. ⠀

Everybody believes in one such abstract thing in life and they run after it. But what truly matters is how is the thing going to pay them back. People often run after money but then they cannot really claim it and take it with them to their grave.⠀

Its better to understand the importance of time and take out time before the timer of your life ticks goodbye.⠀

Red, White And Royal Blue

‘Feeling’ – Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston⠀

Can you measure the hurt or the effect that takes place on a person because of some news? Can you define the feelings? Can you have a constant for everybody’s feelings? ⠀

No. Every person has their own boundaries and the hurt that they feel might revolve around those boundaries. But, you cannot define the boundaries for any two people because everyone will have different set of feelings.⠀

So, its better to give a person sometime to absorb the feelings instead of just expecting them to cope up with it.⠀

How To Hack A Heartbreak

‘It was funny: modern technology could forge a connection between two people on opposite ends of the Earth, but it could just as easily drive a wedge between two people standing side by side’ – How To Hack A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway.

I cannot agree less with the lines. In fact, there are instances where you get bored with the person because they are on their phone and the same person is fun-to-be-with on messages. ⠀
The use of modern technology has created a dent in our personal life. But the problem is you cannot live without technology and leave the technology at the same time. The best you can do is control your use while being around people whom you love.⠀

All We Ever Wanted – Emily Giffin

Racism. Everybody knows the meaning of the word and support the cause. People claim that they hate racism and they would do anything to support the people who are the victims. However, how much do they apply it to themselves and their family when the actual situation occurs? Probably none. Because they think that their support is enough when other people act on it and when they are in the situation it is better to hide from it. ⠀

The story highlights this fact not only with different cultures but also with different living standards. The author forces us to think about the situation where a millionaire kid is claimed to have passed a racist comment on a middle-class girl. The millionaires were themselves middle-class some years ago but now that they have money they think that they can buy the victim’s family without acting upon training their kid to understand the seriousness of racism. However, somebody in the family has to be sensible so that they can raise the future generation with enough respect.

The Friend Zone

“Sometimes we just want to complain, we don’t want advice, we just want you to listen” – A GIRL in ‘The Friend Zone’ by Abby Jimenez

Being a girl, I can understand the statement. We are capable of handling our problems by ourselves but the problem is we get upset about it. That leads to a Whirlpool of thoughts which hinders our sanity. So, the best option would be to share that with a person who does not judge us.
Yes, we might be wrong but that’s our problem and we need to figure it out ourselves.
While sharing we are thinking about it and trying to understand it. Thus, the best you can do would be to just listen. We would ask if we need advice. There’s no Pun intended.

99 Percent Mine

Pizza is the precious natural resource – 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
Well, I can’t agree less with this. The author is talking in context of MC’s likes but I relate it with me personally. Pizza actually helps to enjoy the conversation, book, meeting, atmosphere and many more things if and only if we ignore the carbs.

Every relationship has such a thing where they can just feel each other more. Let it be food, some place, dialogue, movie or song but there are things with which a couple is defined and can solve their differences. You just need to identify it and I guess books help us a lot by pointing out such small things that we might have not noticed. Reading is to flow with the story and that makes us relate it with our lives.