Intercepted – Alexa Martin

Being in a long term relationship demands a lot of work. The work is not only to sustain it but also to keep yourself rooted to the ground even when you are annoyed. However, even after all these efforts, what if the relationship breaks because of infidelity? What went wrong is the question that the person have to answer and maybe there is not answer for that question. Something just happens and the person has no control over it but yes, the future is still in your hands.

The story revolves around a woman who is fierce and a true romantic at heart. She has been dating her high school boyfriend who turns out to be a high-rated football player. The woman lead is a very strong character, who has to courage to leave a relationship when she finds out about the infidelity. She also has the strength to build her future on her own terms and falter the attitude of the rich football wives. The only thing she wants is to make her own decisions.

It’s important to have the freedom of making your own decision even when you are dependent on somebody. A motivational for sure.


Take A Hint, Dani Brown – Talia Hibbert

It is very hard to be the smartest girl in the surrounding. People are not generally used to seeing a girl who is smart in many technical things. They might not accept or start judging the girls for all the wrong reasons. So, the best way would be to keep your smartest to yourself and ignore the world.

Dani had been doing the same thing – ignoring the world, living her own life through her books, making her career first priority which involved zero love life. Her main reason for not dating was the fact that she cannot take out time for emotions and no one respected her smartness. The author very well provokes the story by including the lead character who loves her smartness and demands minimum emotions. They both get along together eventually and both the characters learn to respect each others professions. The best part of the book was when the girl finds out that her partner was not only listening to her but also reading her papers and other content. He praised her smartness even when he did not understand a single word.

Dance Away With Me – Susan Elizabeth Phillip

When the book starts with a sad part of death, it feels awful. The despair that the characters have to face, the depth of their hurt and sadness are very tough to digest on some occasions. Although, ‘the show must go on’ and the characters will have to come out of it. That’s the only hope with which you continue the story and the way the characters come out of their grief is worth the time spent on reading. 

A book from SEP after a long time. The story is definitely different from the Chicago stars series but a classic SEP. The heroin being wild and fierce falls for a guy who is ready to measure the depth of the sea for her. The story is sad in the beginning and turns towards a beautiful corner by the end. It provides a full roller coaster ride into the journey of two people falling in love. However, there is some darkness, grief, sadness, guilt, obligation and gossip that makes it a bit dark and frightening. But sometimes, romance can be found in the darkest of the places in the heart which makes the world bright for all the people around them.

This is one of the books that creates a hangover and you will have to relive the journey for sometime before picking up another book. 

Get a Life, Chloe Brown – Talia Hibbert

QOTD – Any book about disease that has made you cry?

Chronic pain!! It is a type of disease that can happen to a person without any reason. Moreover, it can cause moderate to severe pain at any time of the day. The severe pain can be so severe that the person might faint because of it. In such a situation, how can a person find a life or for that matter say love life or friends? 

Chloe Brown is one of such people who is suffering from a problem of Chronic pain. Her life is unpredictable as she cannot work or have a permanent life because the shooting pain can ruin it at any moment. She tries to get her life back on track by making lists and following them religiously. However, she needs a partner who understands her and shares her pain instead of having pity on her all the time. The partner is also suffering from mental abuse and trust issues. The writing of the author is vivid about the pain and the signs of mental abuse. The story covers the journey of the growth of the characters from being doubtful and independent to being in-love and trustable.

The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles

A friend recommended this movie and then I found out about the book. So, I had to read this before watching the movie.

QOTD – Watched this movie or read the book?

A relationship has a lot of ups and downs but then they are bound to happen because two people of different viewpoint decide to share their lives with each other. However, these people are unaware about the problems that they are going to face and that creates a havoc in their lives. They cannot stay without each other and also not with each other. Their main problem becomes their only solution. So, in such cases, it is better to sit back and relax and think about all the positive effects of staying in a relationship.

Well, being a crazy Rom-com fan, I wonder how I did not read the series ‘The Kissing Booth’ till today. The story is sheepishly romantic with two crazy and different characters. For a change, I liked the second part more than the first part. The first part of the series revolves around the friendship of Elle and Lee which needs to be modified because of someone special in their lives. When Elle gets attracted to Noah, Lee’s elder brother, the equation of their friendship changes completely.

The second book of the series is focused on long-distance relationships and love in general. I like the fact that the author highlighted the actual problems of a relationship in it. Mistrust, jealousy, lack of time and coping with everything at a time are the main issues of a relationship. All these are nicely highlighted in the story not only with the example of main characters but also with some side characters. The story takes many twists and turns but at the end love has to win.

A perfect teen drama with a lot of love, friendship, dances, anger, parties and of course, hangovers. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

The Happy Ever After Playlist – Abby Jimenez 

Only time can heal grief is true to a greater extent. People often suffer from the tragic loss of their loved ones and no matter how hard they try they cannot come out of it. The best method is to take time as the healing tool and keep on moving ahead in life. Also, even if you have moved on and got ahead of life, there will be instances where happily ever after seems inevitable. 

Sloan is in the grief of the love of her life for the past two years. She believes that she has to hang on to it in order to save all the memories. However, time turns and she finds somebody who is suitable for her. She does not want to use the energy in going through the roller coaster of growing a new life but she can not live without him now. So, eventually, things set according to her but then happy ever afters are tough and so is her life. 

The book is a page-turner and Sloan has to undergo a lot to find stability in her life.

One to Watch – Kate Stayman-London

Freedom has gained a lot of popularity in the recent age. People know that they are free to speak, express and do things that they want. But is that the case in reality? Ever heard about body-shaming? Body-shaming takes away all the freedom as no one wants to know anybody’s opinion about their body. Being fat or thin would not describe the character of the person. However, people like to give such opinions without even knowing the reason behind the person being fat or thin. 

The story revolves around the body-shaming fact but at the same time tries to change the stereotype thinking. The story is about a fat fashion blogger who has gained popularity with the help of her interest and knowledge of fashion. However, she is facing problems in her love-life as no one wants to date a fat person. The situation changes suddenly when she has decided to participate in a show where she will get 25 participants to choose from as her partner. Now, the real problem starts as she has to understand the difference between fake and real along with being vulnerable to every person.

The best part of the story is the writing. The writing involves everything starting from regular thoughts, podcasts, websites, blogs, messages, emails and every other social media platform. The format holds a firm grip of the reader and the story keeps on rolling forward. Many small and big social problems are addressed along with giving a peek into the life of a fat person who is happy being fat. 

The Worst Best Man – Mia Sosa

Best man has to do all the nasty jobs of keeping checks on the groom. The worst part of the checks is to make sure that the groom does not get cold feet and run away at the end. However, if such a situation occurs then how would the best man convey the message to the Bride? And how would it feel when the bride starts hating the best man more than the groom for delivering the news?

The story plays around the plot of the worst best man and the bride. They meet again in a situation where they have to work together in spite of the grudges that they hold for each other. The author has very well portrayed Brazilian culture in the book that makes the story look original and local. The story has many fine points where the characters deal with their personal issues such as competition, being perfect, honesty and trusting each other again. Overall, a good book to sit and relax on a holiday.

Would Like To Meet – Rachel Winters

There are tons of movies and books available that are based on Meet-cute and Romcom. Not every person is lucky enough to get into a permanent relationship through Meet-cutes. But reading about them will definitely want to have one for yourself. Meeting your loved ones by chance on the road, bus, library, coffee shop, shopping or at any other place looks fascinating. However, how many of these stories are true and how many are wrong? 

WLTM is based on a group of such Meet-cutes. Yes, not one but many. The story about making the person believe that they can fall in love through Meet-cute and so writing about them should be an issue for an Oscar winning screenwriter. The writing of the story is very attractive, it uses many simple words but every Meet-Cute is different and the consequences of the story are also different. The thorough research of the author is clearly visible in the story. The author has taken many movies and books as an example that makes reading even more real. 

I wish I could have also fallen in through a Meet-cute. Well, I did make a list of all Romcom and Meet-cute movies which were mentioned in the book.

PS – DM me for the list!!

Untamed – Glennon Doyle

Being a female has been kind of tough in every area, country, profession or even household. The general toughness depends on the type of upbringing and the mindset of the family members. However, if the mindset is supportive then it becomes tough to survive in a world where people are different. If the household is not supportive then accepting the gap becomes even more difficult.

Glennon has very well tried to compare the different aspects of being female with real-life examples. There are examples of females being tamed, asked to behave in a particular manner, follow a particular career, mother her children in a peculiar manner and take the blame for the failure of any family member that relies on her. Some of the examples are common and most females know about them but there are some cases that are unknown. For example, females are tamed to make a decision that will make everyone happy around them but not her. She is told to sacrifice even if it makes her sad. 

The book is wonderful and covers a vast range of females from the world. No matter what country or city they stay in, they need to understand that their life is important and they need to fight for themselves to stay happy.