Sun, Sea And Sangria – Victoria Cooke

A gift from netgalley.

Trust issues are not because of any defect in the person but because of some sour experiences. If the person faces the same problem again and again then there are chances that they would not want to do it again. However, what if they miss their chance in not doing it again? How will they know that this is the situation from where they will overcome their personal problems?

The story is focused on two concepts: trust issues and mistakes in the past. Here, the person with a bad past meets a person who has trust issues. Also, it revolves a bit around emotional abuse. The amalgamation of such complicated social problems gives the story a different angle. The author has made sure that the novel becomes interesting and does not become too serious. A perfect mix of sun, sea and sangria.


Crushing It – Lorelei Parker

An ARC from Netgalley.

Female Vs. Male is an old fight which might never end but the people will eventually find their balance. However, if the female tries to enter the male territory then they would assume that this has happened because of her looks. The intelligence of the females has always been a question and when that ends up in a battle between opposite genders then the results would be competent with your time.

Nerds, geeks, video games. MMORPG looks like a new term but it is quite famous in the video game world. The gaming world is unknown but it is the creation of the imagination of the developers who are sometimes ignored as being geeks or nerds. Usually, the designation is given to males and when a female developer enters, then the story can create chaos. The story is beautifully displayed with the help of the nerdy game terms and the thirst for survival is very well visible.

It’s worth reading, even if you do not understand the game world.

Normal People – Sally Rooney

Abuse, depression and mental health problems have many phases and they are present in every person. Some people tend to identify it and some don’t while others adjust their life around it. There are chances that these people who adjust to such things, usually, tend to accept the fact that they are different. But are they really different? Maybe their upbringing was not up to the mark but then they need to understand that it is not normal.

Normal People revolves around the life of two such people, who think that their life is not normal and they are supposed to stay with maniacs. However, the story exaggerates the effects to a greater extent. If the person makes the same mistake more than two times then it becomes their fault. This situation is highlighted in the book. The condition is so worse that after about 50 % of the story, you will feel bored. The concept of the story is good but it does not do any justice to the story.

The book is highly NOT recommended for the people who are very sensitive. The story is prone to cause depression to the reader. 

The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

If you are looking for a reason to fall in love with a person then you will never fall in love with that person or any other person because love never follows a checklist or passes a compatibility test, it just happens. You go out there in the market and BAM!! you are taken even before you realize it. How to manage it latter is a question for another time.

The story revolves around two people who are nemesis by first sight but then eventually they understand that they are almost alike and compatible but again they are nemesis professionally. In order to make their personal life work, they need to amend their professional life as well and that is a journey that is to be experienced while reading the story. Love is blind, love is love and everything is fair in love and war.

In Five Years – Rebecca Serle

Future. There are many ups and downs in the life of the person. They have to find a way to cope up with these things on their own. However, during the dark times, people often wonder about the future. “This too shall pass” is true but when is the main question. At such times, people often wonder about getting a glimpse of the future. They think that if they know the status of their life in the future then they would be able to act wisely in the present.

The story revolves around one such fact and the MC does know her future. She has dreamed about half an hour of her life after five years. She knew what is coming for her and she tries really hard to fight it but the future is always true. Also, knowing half an hour of her life after five years does not promise anything about the present or the time that she is going to spend in the five years. It’s a page-turner because you know the end but reaching the end will be quite an interesting journey.

The Bride Test – Helen Hoang

What if somebody calls to offer a dream job? The job would comprise of everything from stay to money that you cannot even imagine. But, then you get to know that the job is to find a husband for you who is your polar opposite and do not want anything from you.

The story puts MC in the same situation but the main problem is the communication gap. People cannot solve problems if they have communication issues. A problem can be solved only if the couple decides to sit and talk about it. So, the book emphasizes communicating your feelings to the person you want.

The Girl He Used To Know – Tracey Garvis Graves

People are prone to judge the ones who like to remain silent. Being silent does not mean that they do not know anything but it would mean that they do not like to get involved in the conversation due to personal reasons. However, the same is not always the case and also, it gets worse when the other person finds it difficult to understand the emotions of the people. They are delicate and emotional but they are not able to understand things if not vocally specified for them.

Annika is one such character who does not understand the emotions of the people around her. In these cases, finding a life partner becomes tough because of expectations. Every person has expectations and if Annika does not understand it then how is she going to survive? She manages to find a boyfriend but at some point, she has to express her love for him and things get a bit dirty. A must-read for the people who are introverts.

How To Hack A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

In this modern age of dating, there are many scary things that force women to stay away from those dating apps. However, if you want to find your type of guy, you have to stick around and wait through all the nonsense.

The stresses of a woman while finding a life partner are highlighted in the story along with a very popular background. The background focuses on the fact that some men think that a female cannot code their own program and own a business at the same time. However, the female lead tries to prove that it is a  myth and gets tangled up in a situation where she feels heartbroken. She has to survive and find a life partner at the same time which motivates her to do something on her own.

The Shore House – Heidi Hostetter

Communication Gap. Everybody has heard about this word but have they ever measured its depth? Sometimes the people are not prepared for the things that happen in their life. Sometimes they are too scared to admit that its an error from their side. Many times, people are scared to be vulnerable because they think that will lower their value. However, the key factor here would be communication. If the person communicated their feelings to their loved ones then their problems would be solved without any issue.

The Shore House is the vacation house that the family uses every summer but the hectic life offered the chance once again after some years. All the members have been busy in their life, fighting their own fights and surviving. However, there are some problems that they cannot solve by themselves and they will need help from others. The jumbled problems of all the members and different solutions make it a page-turner for me. A must-read for the summer.

The Flatshare – Beth O’Leary

Abuse. The word sends shivers to all the people who have suffered from it. However, the abuse cannot be only with something physical but can be emotional also. The emotional abuse is much more harmful because it harms the mental status of the person. It also harms the confidence and self-worth of the person. They will forever suffer from such problems and will have to struggle a lot to understand that they are victims of emotional abuse.

The story revolves around the concept of emotional abuse. The dilemma of the girl to understand it, the support of her friends who give her time and show signals to acknowledge it is very well portrayed here. Friendships are more important for every person and they can help you in every possible way. However, a combination of friendship with a partner who understands you becomes a cherry on the cake.