How To Hack A Heartbreak

There’s no deleting the things that you say out loud. – How To Break A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

There are many traits of human being that force them to say something that they would regret later. Some words might hurt others to a greater extent and in no way can you make them feel better.

Its tough to speak your mind when you do not time to speak. Speaking wisely is important but at the same time speaking in a way that would not hurt others is also imperative.


The Shore House – Heidi Hostetter

Communication Gap. Everybody has heard about this word but have they ever measured its depth? Sometimes the people are not prepared for the things that happen in their life. Sometimes they are too scared to admit that its an error from their side. Many times, people are scared to be vulnerable because they think that will lower their value. However, the key factor here would be communication. If the person communicated their feelings to their loved ones then their problems would be solved without any issue.

The Shore House is the vacation house that the family uses every summer but the hectic life offered the chance once again after some years. All the members have been busy in their life, fighting their own fights and surviving. However, there are some problems that they cannot solve by themselves and they will need help from others. The jumbled problems of all the members and different solutions make it a page-turner for me. A must-read for the summer.

The Flatshare

‘There is no saving of people – people can save themselves. The best you can do is help when they are ready’ – The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

We all have problems and we all reach out to our best friends or partners for the solution of the problem. However, deep down, we know the solution that we think is right. No matter how hard others try, we won’t be able to succumb to their ideas and thoughts.

This happens because human beings are greedy for sympathy and they try to seek it when they suffer from problems.

Being on the other side, we might feel that we know what is right for the person but they won’t listen to us. The best to do here would be to let them find their own path even if you know that they are going to suffer.

Everybody needs to decide for themselves, even if those are worst decisions. You can teach but cannot force them to agree.

The Flatshare – Beth O’Leary

Abuse. The word sends shivers to all the people who have suffered from it. However, the abuse cannot be only with something physical but can be emotional also. The emotional abuse is much more harmful because it harms the mental status of the person. It also harms the confidence and self-worth of the person. They will forever suffer from such problems and will have to struggle a lot to understand that they are victims of emotional abuse.

The story revolves around the concept of emotional abuse. The dilemma of the girl to understand it, the support of her friends who give her time and show signals to acknowledge it is very well portrayed here. Friendships are more important for every person and they can help you in every possible way. However, a combination of friendship with a partner who understands you becomes a cherry on the cake.

The Duchess War – Courtney Milan

Always stick to the truth, no matter how horrific it is, it will find a way out for you. Many people tend to hide the truth, to protect their dignity, as they think that their truth would spoil their relations. However, that is not the case always or ever, the truth would highlight the real person in you and would enable the other person to know you for real. Though it is not necessary to put the truth on display, you need to share only with those who are close to you.

The story revolves around one such truth that the MC thinks would ruin her life. It was a beautiful feeling to understand the reaction of people around her after revealing the truth.

The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

There is no rule or steps that a person can follow to find love. Love can be found in any form and it is not necessary that it will follow your checklist. Moreover, there is no such thing as luck. Luck does play an important role in your life sometimes, but not every time. Love does not happen with bad or good luck that is for sure.

The story relates to a pair of twins, who think that they are different in terms of luck. So, when the story twists in the opposite direction, the luck factor goes in the bin. A book to be read, if you want to relax on a beach or to cheer your bad mood.

Normal People

“It’s time you’ll never get back, Marianne adds. I mean, the time is real.⠀
The money is also real.⠀
Well, but the time is more real. Time consists of physics, money is just a social construct.” – Normal People by Sally Rooney⠀

Time is a concept that many people rarely understand. There are some who would not know the actual meaning of it till its time for them to go. ⠀

Everybody believes in one such abstract thing in life and they run after it. But what truly matters is how is the thing going to pay them back. People often run after money but then they cannot really claim it and take it with them to their grave.⠀

Its better to understand the importance of time and take out time before the timer of your life ticks goodbye.⠀

Red, White And Royal Blue by Cassey McQuiston ⠀

Does being a public figure mean that you have to live life in terms of the public? That too you are a public figure because of the success of your parents? Does that give a right to anybody to judge you for your decisions? Moreover, the very decision of sexual preference which is God gifted and you are not responsible for it.⠀

The Goodreads Choice Awards, Romance 2019 winner novel focuses on the dark side of being famous. It portrays the difficulties that a Queen’s son faces when he finds out that not only he is gay but also he is in love with another country’s President’s son. So, the Royal family gets involved with another Royal family which creates a chaotic scene that might force both the countries to take tough decisions.⠀

Red, White And Royal Blue

‘Feeling’ – Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston⠀

Can you measure the hurt or the effect that takes place on a person because of some news? Can you define the feelings? Can you have a constant for everybody’s feelings? ⠀

No. Every person has their own boundaries and the hurt that they feel might revolve around those boundaries. But, you cannot define the boundaries for any two people because everyone will have different set of feelings.⠀

So, its better to give a person sometime to absorb the feelings instead of just expecting them to cope up with it.⠀

How To Hack A Heartbreak

‘It was funny: modern technology could forge a connection between two people on opposite ends of the Earth, but it could just as easily drive a wedge between two people standing side by side’ – How To Hack A Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway.

I cannot agree less with the lines. In fact, there are instances where you get bored with the person because they are on their phone and the same person is fun-to-be-with on messages. ⠀
The use of modern technology has created a dent in our personal life. But the problem is you cannot live without technology and leave the technology at the same time. The best you can do is control your use while being around people whom you love.⠀