Dance Away With Me – Susan Elizabeth Phillip

When the book starts with a sad part of death, it feels awful. The despair that the characters have to face, the depth of their hurt and sadness are very tough to digest on some occasions. Although, ‘the show must go on’ and the characters will have to come out of it. That’s the only hope with which you continue the story and the way the characters come out of their grief is worth the time spent on reading. 

A book from SEP after a long time. The story is definitely different from the Chicago stars series but a classic SEP. The heroin being wild and fierce falls for a guy who is ready to measure the depth of the sea for her. The story is sad in the beginning and turns towards a beautiful corner by the end. It provides a full roller coaster ride into the journey of two people falling in love. However, there is some darkness, grief, sadness, guilt, obligation and gossip that makes it a bit dark and frightening. But sometimes, romance can be found in the darkest of the places in the heart which makes the world bright for all the people around them.

This is one of the books that creates a hangover and you will have to relive the journey for sometime before picking up another book.