One to Watch – Kate Stayman-London

Freedom has gained a lot of popularity in the recent age. People know that they are free to speak, express and do things that they want. But is that the case in reality? Ever heard about body-shaming? Body-shaming takes away all the freedom as no one wants to know anybody’s opinion about their body. Being fat or thin would not describe the character of the person. However, people like to give such opinions without even knowing the reason behind the person being fat or thin. 

The story revolves around the body-shaming fact but at the same time tries to change the stereotype thinking. The story is about a fat fashion blogger who has gained popularity with the help of her interest and knowledge of fashion. However, she is facing problems in her love-life as no one wants to date a fat person. The situation changes suddenly when she has decided to participate in a show where she will get 25 participants to choose from as her partner. Now, the real problem starts as she has to understand the difference between fake and real along with being vulnerable to every person.

The best part of the story is the writing. The writing involves everything starting from regular thoughts, podcasts, websites, blogs, messages, emails and every other social media platform. The format holds a firm grip of the reader and the story keeps on rolling forward. Many small and big social problems are addressed along with giving a peek into the life of a fat person who is happy being fat.