Red, White And Royal Blue by Cassey McQuiston ⠀

Does being a public figure mean that you have to live life in terms of the public? That too you are a public figure because of the success of your parents? Does that give a right to anybody to judge you for your decisions? Moreover, the very decision of sexual preference which is God gifted and you are not responsible for it.⠀

The Goodreads Choice Awards, Romance 2019 winner novel focuses on the dark side of being famous. It portrays the difficulties that a Queen’s son faces when he finds out that not only he is gay but also he is in love with another country’s President’s son. So, the Royal family gets involved with another Royal family which creates a chaotic scene that might force both the countries to take tough decisions.⠀


Red, White And Royal Blue

‘Feeling’ – Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston⠀

Can you measure the hurt or the effect that takes place on a person because of some news? Can you define the feelings? Can you have a constant for everybody’s feelings? ⠀

No. Every person has their own boundaries and the hurt that they feel might revolve around those boundaries. But, you cannot define the boundaries for any two people because everyone will have different set of feelings.⠀

So, its better to give a person sometime to absorb the feelings instead of just expecting them to cope up with it.⠀

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

When you loose somebody very close to you then you feel a kind of sadness that leaves a void in your heart. Moreover, if that person is one in whose shadow you have lived your entire life and now that they are not there, you try to imitate them for the rest of your life. However, for long how are you going to hold that sadness and how long would you hold the guilt and pause your life?⠀

The time of holding a sadness cannot be defined and the person would need their own time to let go of the feeling. The story portrays such a feeling of the male lead who has lived under the shadow of his elder brother all his life. However, he meets a girl and falls in love with her but to get her, he would have to let go of the guilt and sadness that has been holding him down since past three years.⠀

Character – is Innate

Character is a kind of thing that we find not only in novels or films but in real life also. All the people around us, let it be friends, family, teachers or colleagues, each of them represent a different kind of character that we can always correlate with a movie or novel character. Many actors claim that when they play a negative role, they themselves start behaving like one in their real life and this shows that both the types of characters are inter related.

Why such a thought about character came in my mind is just because right now, I am influenced by a character of a novel which I have read recently. If you remember, everybody has that friend or colleague in any phase of their life who is foolish, dull, monotonous or dreary according to us. I am talking about a type of person whose actions are unintelligible to us and others. We like to mock such people in our own coterie and also to bluff about our bravery in that course of action instead of understanding the real reason behind their character.

After reading the novel and spending time with the character, made me realize that such people are comparatively more clever than us but in different areas. The character was the center for teasing and mocking among her colleagues but eventually she made up to the top management team because of her work and research skills. The people who once derided her were supposed to now work under her, still she did not try to take revenge by harassing them in return. She thought that such type that is “our type” are the most irresponsible, time wasting characters who does not understand the meaning of life. Eventually, everybody around her started respecting her and made an attempt to befriend her.

This character made me rewind through my memories and the characters of the people that they carried with them when I had interacted with them. This made me realize that every person has his or her own ideology or view about the things that are discussed during the interaction. Everybody has their own perspective for all kinds of things and we are not allowed to rate them or treat them otherwise.

This reminds me that who are we to judge or correct any person while everybody is merely a creation from same source. Every character has a flaw and we are supposed to either accept the person with that flaw or let them go as they are because they are created in such a way that we cannot undo. We may also have some flaw that are worth mocking but may be, we are too smart to accept it and thus, we think that others are too dense to notice it.