The Roxy Letter – Mary Pauline Lowry

Is it possible to have everything in your life? If yes then what if you do not have everything and can’t see having everything in the foreseeable future? People are bound to dream about things that they want in life. They are greedy and would want to have everything at once but then they have to remember that they have to work hard to get the desired things.

Something like that happens with Roxy. She likes to write letters which she never intends to send but it makes her feel accomplished in life. However, her life is very unhappy according to her because she is literally living in the past. People around here know her talent but there are some things that she will have to let go by herself. Her coping-up struggle will make you feel sad and at the same time, you would wish that she sees herself and respects herself as a person.

Respecting ourselves is the most important thing and Roxy learns that in a hard way. Let’s start checking our achievements instead of failures for motivation.