Untamed – Glennon Doyle

Being a female has been kind of tough in every area, country, profession or even household. The general toughness depends on the type of upbringing and the mindset of the family members. However, if the mindset is supportive then it becomes tough to survive in a world where people are different. If the household is not supportive then accepting the gap becomes even more difficult.

Glennon has very well tried to compare the different aspects of being female with real-life examples. There are examples of females being tamed, asked to behave in a particular manner, follow a particular career, mother her children in a peculiar manner and take the blame for the failure of any family member that relies on her. Some of the examples are common and most females know about them but there are some cases that are unknown. For example, females are tamed to make a decision that will make everyone happy around them but not her. She is told to sacrifice even if it makes her sad. 

The book is wonderful and covers a vast range of females from the world. No matter what country or city they stay in, they need to understand that their life is important and they need to fight for themselves to stay happy.