Would Like To Meet – Rachel Winters

There are tons of movies and books available that are based on Meet-cute and Romcom. Not every person is lucky enough to get into a permanent relationship through Meet-cutes. But reading about them will definitely want to have one for yourself. Meeting your loved ones by chance on the road, bus, library, coffee shop, shopping or at any other place looks fascinating. However, how many of these stories are true and how many are wrong? 

WLTM is based on a group of such Meet-cutes. Yes, not one but many. The story about making the person believe that they can fall in love through Meet-cute and so writing about them should be an issue for an Oscar winning screenwriter. The writing of the story is very attractive, it uses many simple words but every Meet-Cute is different and the consequences of the story are also different. The thorough research of the author is clearly visible in the story. The author has taken many movies and books as an example that makes reading even more real. 

I wish I could have also fallen in through a Meet-cute. Well, I did make a list of all Romcom and Meet-cute movies which were mentioned in the book.

PS – DM me for the list!!