Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength – G D Anderson

Thriller, Fiction & Mystery – one of the genres that I like to squeeze in between couple of romance books for a change. This book was a combination of all three and that acted as cherry on top of the cake for me. Also, this book was a part of buddy read and I had to read it anyway.

About half way through the novel the motives of the MC female were very clear and I was enjoying but then how she will achieve those was a mystery. Moreover at some point I even felt that it was okay at times when you don’t take revenge and let nature do its course if you believe in Karma. Little did I knew that these thoughts would become peripheral when I would deal with the actual subject of the story and that was FEMINISM. The MC male and his father were strong non-feminist as in they used to preach people to become non-feminist and in doing so MC female’s best friend lost her life. Yes, a combination of suicide and non-feminist people.

For me now, REVENGE is the only thing that crosses my mind for such crimes. The MC female did absolute justice to the concept of revenge and I did get satisfied with the end to an extreme level. It’s a must read for feminist people.


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