Pokhran – Uday Singh

There are two sides of any coin and the same is true in every aspect of life. There are many things that are good for some and at the same time worst for other people. However, sometimes, when the things are good then it is tough to believe that it can be bad for other people. So, many times, people do not think about the consequences.

The title of the book is about a very proud experiment for India. The Pokhran experiment was conducted as a hidden spy project and its success was always questionable. However, after getting the desired success, people were very proud and happy for India. The story does not focus on the success but on the other side of the coin and that is the impact of the project.

The story revolves around the life of the character who had been infected by the harmful rays of the nuclear project. The character is handicap because of the radioactive fallout and his journey of revealing the truth glues the reader to every page. The book is for sure a page turner and the struggle of the character looks real. However, it felt that the story moved at a very fast pace. Instead, a better description and longer storyline would have been more interesting. The concept was well displayed and in depth.


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