All We Ever Wanted – Emily Giffin

Racism. Everybody knows the meaning of the word and support the cause. People claim that they hate racism and they would do anything to support the people who are the victims. However, how much do they apply it to themselves and their family when the actual situation occurs? Probably none. Because they think that their support is enough when other people act on it and when they are in the situation it is better to hide from it. ⠀

The story highlights this fact not only with different cultures but also with different living standards. The author forces us to think about the situation where a millionaire kid is claimed to have passed a racist comment on a middle-class girl. The millionaires were themselves middle-class some years ago but now that they have money they think that they can buy the victim’s family without acting upon training their kid to understand the seriousness of racism. However, somebody in the family has to be sensible so that they can raise the future generation with enough respect.


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